My encounter with the university world is a little bit particular as I tried to immerge myself in it for the first time many years ago. In fact, my first enrollment at the University of Teramo runs back to 2002 when I started studying Law. My first subject was Philosophy of Law and after getting it passed with the Professor’s compliments something happened to my willingness of study and unfortunately after some months I gave up.

In 2009, while I was working as an unskilled worker for a big multinational I decided it was time to give another go with the university and I enrolled in Tourism and Sport Sciences’ Bachelor Degree. After a brilliant kick off in the Public Law exam, this time I started taking the things more seriously and I managed to line up a series of brilliant exams in Statistics, Sociology, Private Law, English, Contemporary/Modern/Medieval and Antique History, English and Spanish language, Modern and Medieval art history, Economical and Political Geography, Tourism and Sustainable Development Education, Education and Analysis of Competences, Social Research, ICT and so on.

In 2013, I got my bachelor degree in Tourism and Sport Sciences with a mark of 110/110 cum laude.

Then, in the same year, I enrolled at the University of Macerata in the Planning and Management of Tourism Systems’ Master Degree. The commencement of this new university path was great but for reasons that cannot be attributable to my evaluations and choices I had to back off. As a matter of fact, the Italian university system is currently offering the master degree mentioned above that in almost no case entitles his holder to respond to a public announcement for positions in the tourism field. It is very tricky to explain this but it seems that the Planning and Management of Tourism Systems’ Master Degree (LM-49) is seldom contemplated as a requirement to be able to respondent to a public call.

After, 4 brilliant (grade 30/30 each of them) exams in Economical and Political Geography, English language, Psychology of Tourism and Planning and control of companies, I dropped this course out and shifted to the Management of Cultural Heritage’s Master Degree (LM-89). Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and after 2 exams taken in history of art history, of conservation and of restoration and then, Preventive and scheduled conservation of cultural heritage, I moved back to the University of Teramo.

It was in the latter institution that with a great amount of courage and effort I tried to pick up all the pieces of my broken down university career. This time, though, a great stimulus came from the fact that the Management and Business Communication’s Master’s degree (LM-59) was taught in English and I had to study and produce presentations or whatsoever in that language. This time it worked out greatly and after taking exams in ICT for Organizations, Music and Visual Arts Management, Globalization Development and New Markets, Management and Business Strategy, Social and Market Research, Digital Marketing, Logic and Decision Making, European Economy, Semiotic of Consumption and Advertising, Human Resources Management, Crisis Communication, Project and Communication Management, Brand Management and a brilliant experimental thesis titled “Going Global: the value of foreign languages in business communication”, I have obtained my master with a grade of 110/110 cum laude.

And now? What’s next? We’ll see…:-)