Are traditional values the new counter-culture?

Matthew, a 34 years old computer programmer living and raised in New York city, got her better half off guard two days ago when after lunch he uttered these words: «Honey? I am gonna set a Christmas tree up in the afternoon… Continue reading “Are traditional values the new counter-culture?”

Australia, come and visit “the Land of Plenty”

Australia, the world’s largest island packed with a great variety of stunning landscapes and impressive biodiversity will make you feel like traveling through a “continent” with a one destination ticket. From Cape Byron on the east side where the last Victorian lighthouses majestically Continue reading “Australia, come and visit “the Land of Plenty””

Why keeping up with your digital skills

Like it or not, typing fastly on a keyboard, replying a Whatsapp moving horizontally a smartphone and writing a message through your inches at a supersonic velocity, sending a screenshot to your friends by email, jotting down your shopping list on your note app and so on Continue reading “Why keeping up with your digital skills”

The benefits of home baking

Since she started home baking, her physical appearance seems to have been improving a lot and her husband, who once used to get into the kitchen grumbling after a long and tough working day careless of who was around him, now glances at her with huge desire Continue reading “The benefits of home baking”

Italian is the language of love

It happened a couple of days ago as I was sitting alone in a corner beside a window, inside a well-known pub here in Cork City (Republic of Ireland), the Oliver Plunkett Pub, sipping an Irish Stout, as a cute blond-haired Irish girl approached me and said: Continue reading “Italian is the language of love”

Going Global: the value of foreign languages in business communication

The purpose of this research is to gather information on the value of using foreign languages for managers and employees of the Abruzzo Region in their business settings. Continue reading “Going Global: the value of foreign languages in business communication”