Australia, come and visit “the Land of Plenty”


Australia, the world’s largest island packed with a great variety of stunning landscapes and impressive biodiversity will make you feel like traveling through a “continent” with a one destination ticket. From Cape Byron on the east side where the last Victorian lighthouses majestically stands overseeing the endless waters of the Pacific Ocean to Steep Point on the western side, where the Australian sun sinks into the Indian Ocean, your stay will be framed by amazing diverse scenarios and nature.


Uluru sandstone rock formation


Come and visit “the land of plenty”


The stunning Australian outback lets its visitor overwhelmed by the astounding wonders looming ahead his incredulous eyes. From the awesome Uluru at the nation’s dead centre to the marvellous Kakadu National Park, Australia boasts incredibly colorful landscapes and breathtaking views. The endless charm of this land stretches out to the limitless coastline, the vast rainforests along the north’s tip and the immense green pastures in winery and agricultural regions. These natural landscapes shows an incomparable beauty to be relished along an unforgettable two-week holiday. If this is not enough, flecked along the coast plenty of buzzing cities packed with cafes, restaurants, specialities stores, festivals, events make Australia a destination to be visited often.


The Aussie food and wine

Tripping around Australia also means making a journey through an outstanding foodie destination savouring delicious fish from the surrounding endless coasts and temperate waters. Every day, the well-known and acclaimed Australian fisheries bring quality flake, savory banana prawns, amazing fresh oysters and many more to the wise hands of the Aussie chefs who, in turn, get them ready to the dining table for an astounding tasteful experience. The excellent wines from the 60 regions of wine producing completes an incredible picture of a land where the perfect climate and soil make it one of the world’s top ten wine producing countries.


kangaroo in vineyard


Reach Australia quickly and comfortably




Embarking on the Lufthansa flights landing you quickly and comfortably for your holiday to one of the 10 most lively cities in Australia is the best way to reach the “continent island”.

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