Why keeping up with your digital skills


Like it or not, typing fastly on a keyboard, replying a Whatsapp moving horizontally a smartphone and writing a message through your inches at a supersonic velocity, sending a screenshot to your friends by email, jotting down your shopping list on your note app and so on, all of these, nowadays trivial actions, have become something very close to fundamental skills. Perhaps, you might think that even the use of social media is an overestimated practice and that for sure you do not need to be skilled in that either.

Why don’t you try to quickly have a look at some job offers on a website such as Indeed, Adecco, etc? The digital skills are by now remarkably relevant and do make the difference between you and another candidate. Hence, if you already own them, make sure you do not lose them when you are inactive, unemployed or simply not much in demand to use them in your daily routine.


Setting up a small blog


You might think that setting up a blog is something that requires a certain degree of literacy in IT, programming languages and stuff that only would suit a personality very close to a nerd person. Nothing furthest from the reality!

Countless of people throughout the World Wide Web are delighting themselves (or their narcissist side 😉 ) by constantly producing digital content of any sort from articles about their passion for cuisine to those rolling out their latest journey in a far away land stuffed with videos and “instagrammed” or “photoshopped” pictures. Do you really believe that all these lads are genius like Steve Wozniak? Come on, let’s be serious for some minutes!

Nowadays it is just a piece of cake putting up a small blog on which to write down short articles as extended as a range from 500 to 1,000 words about whatever is sticking around your mind as I actually do. You can even carefully plan a schedule for posting regularly and consistently. In that case, you would even be able to get noticed by many users that would end up following your blog with a certain degree of interest. In addition, search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex will start valuing your content thanks to the traffic it engenders to your blog and position it very high in their ranks, even though you are not a strategist of SEO.

WordPress.com, Joomla and others will help you out do the tricks!


Woman on a pc

Getting confident with social media


Figuring out how to handle a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, Snapchat, Instagram and many others may even give you some chances to get a job or raises the awareness around your business activity. Therefore, unless you have an untreatable repulsion for whatever is social and digital (in that case you would not even have your eyes on this article), it would be great to get a Facebook page up and running, for instance, and get involved in managing it. It is not rocket science and, by the way, there is plenty of stuff hanging around on the Internet describing how to properly use social media, hence, no excuse, get it done!

Trying to make the most of the web is a “must” nowadays since thanks to the boundless resources spinning around online we are in the comfortable position to pick up those ones we need and take advantage of them. Think about resources such as Google Digital Garage to get acquainted with the principles of digital marketing and their tools, this is a great way to figure out why using efficiently social media may turn out to be a great and valuable achievement.


Expressing creativity in a video


According to an interesting article that appeared on Forbes as recently as February 2017 Video Marketing: The Future Of Content Marketing, investing into these kind of skills is for sure a winning lottery since by 2019 80% of the content marketing will be represented by video marketing. Matt Bowman, the author of the article, then carries on by rolling out a pletora of statistics supporting this thesis but the nitty-gritty of the topic is this: we all have a huge power by the palm of our hands with our smartphones which enable us to do one’s best. Recording short pieces of videos, put them together through the use of a phone or desktop app, picking out a musical track as a background, eventually upload it on YouTube and embed it on your blog is something great that can show up your creativity.




In a nutshell, we all have huge potentiality thanks to the ICT revolution and it would be better taking advantage of it since most of the time is free of charge and accessible with very basic devices.

Notwithstanding the time spent on our smartphones, most of the time we wind up closing ourselves inside some mental fences and just boringly scrolling down the Facebook feed unaware of the potential of technology.

It is about time to wake up and seize the great opportunity the digital skills might reserve to everyone of us. Let’s get the ball rolling today!


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