The benefits of home baking

Since she started home baking, her physical appearance seems to have been improving a lot and her husband, who once used to get into the kitchen grumbling after a long and tough working day careless of who was around him, now glances at her with huge desire and can’t wait to spend some moments alone with her.  Joanne is an American wife and mother of 3 beautiful children living in Jacksboro, Texas, 94.7 mil far from Dallas. She is definitely one of the many lucky people who have discovered the benefits of home baking.


The sacredness of home baking


Perhaps, it is the challenge of thinking up something new from a few ingredients and get our hands-on in order to shape a dough up in a way that, at the end of the day, heads us to pull off a delicious pie. Perhaps, it is simply getting ourselves engaged in something away from our routinary thoughts. What counts is that we love baking beyond any doubts. It is like taking on a short journey back to our sweet family reminders when we used to be around our mom who was baking that extraordinary pie for our traditional “Sunday lunch”. Or more simply, we get a buzz from staring at the face of whom will be so lucky to first taste our “baking masterpiece”. Whatever it be, it becomes something “sacred” for which we strive to find some spare time since we do believe it is worthwhile doing it for all the benefits we get in return.


Mental health benefits of home baking


According to some recent study, it has been found that home baking attains to ease the people tension, anxiety and depression so that we can easily assert that whipping up treats may be even more beneficial than a meditation practice in some cases. That would be the reason why more and more housewives, professionals, men and women without gender distinction are grappling with rolling pin, whisk, whipper and getting their hands dirty for the sheer satisfaction of creating, decorating and liberating their overloaded energies. As a matter of fact, baking engrosses all of your attention but this will have positive effects since it will easily drag you out of the negative thinking of which you may likely be prey when you are in the middle of a stressful and busy period at work. Weighing out ingredients, deploy them on your kitchen table, smelling their flavours, the sound of the electric whipper or blender, all of this stuff will drift you away from the routine and make you plunge into a sort of comfort zone that cuddles you up and stimulates your senses.

Furthermore, Marisa, an Italian grandma living in the Abruzzo Region, told us that one of the greatest benefits she has experienced since her renovated passion for home baking kicked off is the satisfaction she has been feeling when nourishing her grandchildren.

Once I take my pies, tarts or cookies off the oven I literally can’t wait to look at the pleasing and enjoying faces of my beautiful grandchildren crunching them…It makes me happy indeed…I can’t think of something better than this..I really mean that!

Marisa has become so passionate for baking that her passion today is tangible and rolled out into a famous and very popular website, the Marisa’s recipes’ Blog, in which you will be able to find numerous delicious recipes of desserts and savories as well.


The physical health benefits of home baking


Many psychologists have found that there is a strong correlation between the exercise of creative activities and the overall well-being of people involved in them. As a consequence, home bakers experience a kinda trickle-down effect which has a more than positive repercussion on their physical appearance.


Susan in her kitchen

Susan, a lawyer, claims that since she began home baking she has no longer needed to take her pills for her terrible and, alás, regular headaches which prevented her from enjoying her spare time away from work.

She works in a big legal firm and her clients there, in downtown Boston, are some of the biggest companies in US, so that most of the time she is hugely under pressure with the consequence that, till some time ago, her headaches chronically broke out.

It was one day that I felt like craving for something sweety to chew…then, I rolled my eyes toward the whipper right beside the microwave and who knows what I did? But it started there and now I feel great and…sexy…

She told us that home baking had a kinda cathartic effect on her and she started feeling like released by her own tensions because for the first time she managed to start and finish something in short time and that was even creative and pleasant to people around her. Then, her husband, children and siblings began congratulate her on her pastries and all this had a knock on effect spurring her on trying out new recipes and so on. Hence, she started feeling more satisfied with herself, her relationships started improving, her stomach began deflating and her headaches disappeared. The next steps in her physical recovery were a smoother digestion and being able to work out in the gym regularly without being compelled to skip her sessions due to her illnesses. She firmly believes that all this has been achieved thanks to her home baking activity.




By all accounts, it can easily be suggested that a real “baking therapy” exists and that it helps out improve the life of those whom get passionate to home baking. Moreover, from both sheer economic and health points of view, it may be added up that home baking assures several advantages. Not only helps it save money since it is cheaper to prepare pastries and pies at home than to buy them in a confectionery or a supermarket, but we can also be sure that the ingredients used and the procedure followed are healthy indeed.


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